This years ticket prices:

Friday and Saturday morning go-rounds: $10.00
Saturday night final go-round: $20.00
All THREE performances: $30.00

Kids 5 and under get in free

This years times:

Friday January 22th Performance – 4:00pm -10:00pm
Saturday January 23th Performance – 10:00am -1:00pm
Saturday January 23th Finals Start at 6:00pm

Plenty of Action

These events are the same as the everyday life of working cowboys!

Join us each and every January the weekend before the Bull & Gelding Sale.

You think counting cattle is easy? Join us next year and give it your best! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to miss even 1 head.
Accuracy and speed are both critical for this event!




JP Ranch Rodeo
Headquarters Hotel

Comfort Inn

90 Sale Lane Red Bluff, CA 96080

Call to book your reservation today.
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January 20, 2017

2:00 PM Check in and get stall assignments

3:00 PM Pre-event participants meeting

4:00 PM Herd Counting (All teams)

Calcutta – Long Go

Calf Branding

Ranch Horse Class

Ranch Sorting

Ranch Doctoring

Dally Calf Roping

Ranch Bronc Riding

6:30 PM – 11:00 PM Pickled Willies will be playing

January 21, 2017

10:00 AM Calf Branding

Ranch Horse Class

Ranch Sorting

Ranch Doctoring

Dally Calf Roping

Ranch Bronc Riding

5:30 PM Kids Dummy Roping -12 and under

6:00 PM Top six teams in Ranch Rodeo Finals

Calcutta – Finals

Calf Branding

Ranch Horse Class

Ranch Sorting

Ranch Doctoring

Dally Calf Roping

Ranch Bronc Riding

6:30 PM – 11:00 PM Pickled Willies will be playing


Pickled Willies




A champion All Around Working Cow horse and All Around Ranch Cowboy will be voted on. Each team will have one vote, Each director on the Ranch Rodeo Committee will have a vote, and Each Judge will have a vote. Votes are to be turned in after the long go. Championship buckles will be given to each member of the winning team in the finals and to the All Around Ranch Cowboy. Walco International Of Red Bluff,CA. along with the JP Ranch Rodeo committee has donated a Trophy handmade saddle built by Judd Miller to the All Around Ranch Cowboy.


A silver bit donated by Bub Ragan Excavating along with a handmade Headstall donated by Judd Miller will be given to the Champion Cow horse.


Children of all JP Ranch Rodeo contestants along with District 1 California High School Rodeo members are eligible for the College Scholarships to be given away in late April.


$2000 each to a boy and girl will be awarded. $1000 when they are accepted to college and $500 each year for two more years that they remain in College.


Contact Sheree Owens for info 530-529-3406.



Entries close January 5th or when 26 teams are entered.

– Entry Fee Per Team: $1000 (three member teams) $550 to Payout, $450 Office, Stock Insurance Charges
– Stalls: $25 each and are Mandatory
– Added Money: $2500
– Will pay three monies in the finals 50%, 30%, 20%,
– 4th, 5th, 6th will be guaranteed their entry money back
– Go rounds will pay $300 to winning team per event.
– Long go will pay $900 per team for 1st, $600 per team for second
– Entry and stall money must accompany the entry blank. Event limited to 26 teams.
– Entries accepted first come, first serve with all entry money included.

Fill Out This Form

Team Information

Individual Events

Team Events

Ranch Sorting
Ranch Doctoring
Calf Brandin


Team entry fee: $1000.00 | Three Stalls @ $25.00 each $ 75.00 | TOTAL $1075.00


JP Ranch Rodeo
95 Sale Lane Ste. E
Red Bluff, Ca 96080


Call or Email Travis Martinez at:





The same three horses must be used for all events. A person may only enter one time. Each team member must participate in a single man event. A 10 point system will be used, 10 pts for first, 9 pts for second, etc. through 10th place. Fifteen bonus points will be awarded to a team that has a qualified score in all seven events in the long go. There will be no Tie-downs or Mechanical Hackamore Bits allowed in the arena. If there is a Hackamore Bit or Tie down being used, The Team which that person belongs to will be disqualified. Solid Jawed Bit, Snaffle Bit, Loose Jawed Snaffle, or Hackamore can only be used. No Training on horses while in the arena. All Saddle horns must be slick ( Latigo leather or mule hide only) for all events. No rubber or rope. Any unnecessary roughness, or abuse of any animal in any event will result in elimination of the team in that event. The judges decision is final. No Exceptions.

“Ride any way you can, Wildest ride wins.” A standard working saddle must be used; NO PRCA rigging is allowed. A regular bucking horse leather halter must be used; no Hackamore, no night latches, and no ropes can be tied to the saddle. Horses will be flanked. Horses will come out of a bucking chute and will be a judged event on an Eight second ride. There will be no rerides. If the horse falls or is fowled the rider will be judged to that point. Only one bronc rein may be used and held onto with one hand.

Ranch doctoring is a three man event. The arena will have two barrels at about 1/3 of the arena. Riders will cut ONE of the designated numbered cattle out of the herd. Designated cow may only be cut from the herd an removed between two barrels. Only one person in the herd at a time. Header cannot throw loop until cow has passed though the barrels. Designated cow may not return to the herd once brought through the barrels, if the cow returns past the barrels you get no time. Legal head catches only ( neck or neck and one front foot, figure eight is OK on one, not two front feet). Illegal head catch may not be dallied. The designated cow can be heeled in far 2/3 of the arena. The vet leaves his horse after header and heeler face and sets the ropes (both front and hind feet) and places a mark on the cow between its eyes. If the cow is jerked down it must be day lighted. The time starts when the first rider passes the designated starting line. No more than 3 loops can be used, one loop per rider. The vet will raise both hands to signal end of time. You can and will be flagged out for any unnecessary roughness.

Each team will be required to brand 3 calves. Time starts when team is ready, there will be a 5 minute time limit. One team member will work on the ground to set ropes on both front and hind feet before branding. The other two members will head and heel the animal. Each roper will head and heel a calf and work the ground. Head catches must be head or head with one front leg. After each calf is branded , the team members will change places. Ropers may not break from a trot until calf is headed. Calf must be headed before heeler can make his catch. The heeler may catch one or both hind feet. The ground man may assist in removing illegal catches or dropped ropes but must return to the designated area before another loop is thrown. As soon as calf is headed and heeled, ground man may leave designated area, throw calf, place head rope on both front feet and , if necessary, place heel rope on both hind feet, while working on calf, iron must be in the bucket. When calf is stretched by all four feet, branding iron may leave designated area. All four feet must remain in the stretched ropes while brand is placed on calf. Ground man must return to the designated area after each calf is “branded” . Location of brand must be on the left rib, properly placed. On the last calf, after the brand is placed, the ground man returns to the designated area and puts the Iron in the bucket for time. Any cattle called fro are yours. If any roper falls from his horse, ground man can only grab rope to avoid accident. Calf then has to released, and if roper is able to remount with no equipment failures then he can re-rope his designated end and team run can be completed. No one except team members, judges and/or JPRR officials will be allowed in arena. Arena director and judges have the final say on any disputes. A 30 second penalty will be assessed for each infraction of the above rules

One animal will be turned into the arena, you will have 15 seconds to accept the first cow, if you call for second cow you must work the second cow. Horse and rider must box the cow at the same end of arena to show horse’s cow sense. Contestant will then allow cow to run at least 2/3 length of arena, either side of arena is OK. Make one good turn each way on the fence. Rider will drive animal to put in the pen. Rope can be taken down and loop built anytime after second turn on the fence and rider has declared himself to be pushing the cow towards the pen. After releasing cow from the pen rider will rope animal around the neck or neck with one front foot, dally and stop cow and have cow face up, only two loops can be thrown. The rider with rope still on, returns the animal to the catch pen. There will be a 2 ½ minute time limit. The time will stop when the cow is roped and faced up. Judges will score between 60-80 points. Hackamore or ring snaffles can use two hands, all others must use one hand on the reins. If both loops are missed, there will be a 5 point penalty from the score. A 120 score will have no bonus points for the team.

One calf will be called for with the rider at the opposite end of the arena. Rider must catch calf (catch as catch can) dally and throw calf, tie the calf down with three legs, mark head with chalk and declare time with arms raised. Calf will be held in the bottom 1/3 off the arena, time starts after rider passes designated line. Calf must be day lighted before being tied. Calf must stay tied six seconds after rope is loose. No tripping or choking calf down. Only Two loops can be thrown. There will be a 1/1/2 minute time limit.

A three man team will sort cattle out of a designated group of cattle. There will be 7 different color groups of 7 head each. One rider in the herd at a time. The team must take their color of cattle out of the herd between two barrels. Any cattle not going between the barrels stops your time. Any wrong colored cattle crossing the line of two barrels stops the teams time. The most cattle out in the fastest time wins. There will be a 3 minute time limit.

A 3 man team will enter arena and face away from a group of cattle being let into the arena at the opposite end. The team shall go to the group of cattle, count them through two barrels in the arena and time will stop when designated head counter tells flagger their number. Any wrong number results in a no time. Fastest time wins, correct number will be announced after each run.

The top six teams will return to the finals with a clean score. The points for the finals will be as follows: first= ten points, second= eight points, third= six points, fourth= four points, fifth= two points, sixth= one point, and a zero for a no score. There will be no bonus points in the finals.

Six teams will return Saturday night to perform all events. Any ties in the finals will be broke by the highest preliminary score in the long go. The long go will pay $ 600 per team to first, and $300 per team for second.

If one team has to forfeit for injury or otherwise, no other team will be added to the finals. No substitutions are allowed after one event has gone by.



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